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Q: Why did RHAA choose to charter with Little League
A:  After much research and discussion, RHAA chose to charter with Little   
      League because it will provide our players with more age appropriate 
      competition, a greater diversity in teams to play, and it gives us several 
      different options for post season play.


Q: Why are only some of the divisions in baseball chartered and not others?

A:  It was determined that the two oldest divisions in baseball and the 

      entire softball program would get the biggest benefit from joining Little 

      League at this time. These programs have fewer teams and with 

      sometimes large gaps between skill level with in a team. By chartering 

      with LL it will allow a more balanced game schedule and also gives us  

      the opportunity to form teams with smaller age groups to provide a 

      better overall experience for our players.


Q: Is the board considering expanding their charter to include all levels of 


A:  Our charter with LL must be renewed annually. After the 2011 season 

      the Board will carefully evaluate the pros and cons of this season’s 

      charter and determine with our future course may be. 


Q:  A few years ago our daughter’s softball team had to travel to other towns 

      to play and the experience was not very positive. How will this be   


A:  Unlike your preference experience, ALL teams will be playing by the 

      same set of rules, set forth by LL. In addition, the schedule is created by 

      our district softball coordinator, not by the coaches or individual towns.


Q:  How far can we expect to travel to play games?

A:  LL clusters their teams geographically. Therefore teams from RHAA can 

      expect to play in Pittsford, Brighton, Penfield, Irondequiot, and other 

      Westside towns. The furthest town we are expecting to travel to would 

      be Webster.



Q:  What are the benefits of joining LL instead of staying the course?

A:   Besides the assistance in scheduling and providing our players with a 

       more positive experience, we now have the assistance of LL in           

       conducting background checks on all our volunteers, player insurance     

       at a better rate, support for our coaches and umpires, opportunities for 

       our players to be a part of National Tournaments, to name a few.


Q:   My son plays on one of the RHAA sponsored travel teams. Will he be 

       eligible to play in National Tournaments sponsored by LL?

A:   In order for any RHAA player to be eligible for teams that may be 

       entered into National Tournaments they must have been a 

       member of a house team during the regular season. 


Q:  Will RHAA be following LL rules or are they able to use their current 

      game rules?

A:  RHAA will be following those rules set forth by LL. However, LL does 

      allow for each league to make additions to those rules. An easy example

      would be a pitch count. LL’s rule may say that a pitcher is limited to 85 

      pitches in a game. RHAA can take that rule one step further and have 

      their pitch count at 75 pitches per game. We may not increase the 

      number of pitches but we can decrease it. Another example would be 

      with the batting order. LL may say that each player must have at least 

      one at bat. RHAA can mandate that each team use a continuos batting